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Canada’s top employers in 2024

* Ces employeurs peuvent être d’éventuels contacts pour vos événements? *

MediaCorp has released its list of winners for 2024’s “100 top employers in Canada” competition.

The annual event (which has been running since the year 2000) continues to not just garner wide-spread attention in Canada, but also shapes the employment searches of Canadians and newcomers alike. The competition aims to recognise employers that lead their industries in “offering exceptional workplaces for their employees”.

What are the selection criteria?

Any business with a head office or principal place of business in Canada may apply to the competition. The competition is based on eight selection factors. Employers are compared to other organisations in their industry to see which ones have the most progressive policies and given a letter grade between A and F in each of the below categories:

  • Workplace;
  • Work atmosphere and social factors;
  • Health financial and family benefits;
  • Vacation and time off;
  • Employee communications;
  • Performance management;
  • Training and skills development; and
  • Community involvement.

A note on receiving work permit sponsorship from employers

Depending on the type of work permit that one has, any of these companies could aid newcomers in building eligibility for economic pathways to permanent residence (PR). It is useful to keep in mind that most economic pathways require at least one year of continuous, skilled work experience in Canada to be eligible for these programs (like Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) or Express Entry-managed programs).

A key aspect in this is if a newcomer has an open or closed (Labour Market Impact Assessment-based) work permit. An open work permit allows individuals to work in most industries and for most employers, without the work permit being tied to any specific employer. A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)-based work permit only allows holders to work for one employer in an industry and must be supported by a positive or neutral LMIA result.

Visit our dedicated webpages for more on how to obtain an open or closed work permit.

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Source : CIC News, 24 janvier 2024 par Asheesh Moosapeta

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